Crease House

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Project Year: 2013

Location: Krumpendorf am Wörthersee, Austria

Area: 300 sqm

Site: 16 acres

This house is mainly intended for the holidays, but also for permanent residence. Located outside the city in a completely natural environment. Outdoor living area is surrounded by tall trees and gives a considerable amount of privacy. The client wanted a quiet escape from the inner city where he lives and also a place to entertain. The entertaining and living pavilion is orientated around the deck, so days and nights can be spent eating, drinking and resting in the natural environment. The plan and form of the building responds to the orientation and views from the site, taking advantage of southern orientation shine longer front of the house. On the first floor are located living room, dining room, kitchen, office, utility room, master bathroom and vertical communication. On the second floor is positioned studio, master bedroom, guest room, small bathroom and cloakroom. The house has been designed as a passive solar design that is energy efficient, also designed to be fully operable, with good cross ventilation from the lake on hot days as well as having strong solar access in the winter time. Glass portals, placed on the first and second floor, provide good opportunity to exit to the garden and terrace. The glass facade continues around the corner and opens the living, dining, and kitchen areas up to the panoramic views. Bedrooms, dressing area, and bathroom are located in the more private areas at the rear of the building. Exposed concrete, glass, anodized aluminum, galvanized steel, washed floor screed, smooth walls and hand‐finished oak wood are elegantly combined to create a reduced artifact in nature that timelessly adapts the well‐known elements of the Modern style. The house has an area of 300 square meters on a site of 16 acres.