Apartment interior

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Project Year: 2013


Area: 72 sqm


The idea of processing the interior of the apartment was a combination of aging elements, high ceilings and tall narrow windows that reflect the spirit of the construction of the building, with more modern contents. This unit had, when it comes to functionality, undergone some changes as compared to the existing situation, in the form of openness of the living room. More space with more light were the main motives of the intervention. Between the living and dining rooms prefabricated wall of glass is made, which has further contributed to the increase in visual space. In the living room you can feel the connection between modern and the aging which contributes greatly an environment that is in the spirit of traditional architecture. Dining room and kitchen are in a modern way represented with contemporary materials. The combination of white polished wood with oak wood contribute to the peace and harmony of the area. Also treatment of the fireplace with natural stone travertine makes this common space even more authentic. Dining room flooring is parquet darker shades which highlighted the contrast to the dominant white and brown color, while the flooring in the kitchen is made of the granite tiles. Bathroom has undergone a complete change from the existing situation. The walls are grouped in a unity with a material so‚Äźcalled spatulato, it gives the effect of marble and granite, which is further polished for ease of maintenance. Candles contribute to the visual effects in the horizontal wall niche with LED backlit. In the bedroom, there were also no deviation from the above mentioned theme of this design. Drywall with a niche and a part that is processed raw concrete highlights modern, while the other two walls with covering of oak tree leaning towards traditional. Floor covering is parquet made of maple wood composed of thin and oblong planks.