1S House

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Project Year: 2013

Location: Sobetinci, Ptuj, Slovenia

Area: 230 sqm

Site: 9 acres

The house is located in the middle of a suburban landscape with many small houses. House is intended for permanent residence, but also for the vacation and weekend getaway. The extremely simple and formally "traditionalist" appearance of the house`s mass is the result of investors vision from his childhood days. Because of that the great emphasis was placed on the chosen composition of the facade reflecting the logic of the interior arrangements. In this way, the house openly admits its simplicity. The exterior design is clean and very limited in architectural elements. Basic finish materials: white plaster, iron and glass. The living space includes the living room, dining room and kitchen, it is a large space, high ceilinged, this volume is like that of the house, with a wood stove located in the heart of this room and ensures optimum comfort to home in winter and during the half season. An underfloor heating throughout the house (powered by an air pump / water heat) complete the stove in winter. Widely glazed, the facade also promotes solar gain in winter. A garage and two large basement spaces under the ground floor add the functionality of this home. The yard that touches the living room and dining room become one with the living room, making it like a second outdoor living room. The yard in between rooms is like a room itself, it has a wooden deck and small flowering plants, making it an external living space. You can experience the outside and inside yard simultaneously. On the other border of the “outdoor” living room lie two large bedrooms with bathroom. This composition is separated from the living space and it can be accessed through its own corridor. The house has an area of 230 square meters on a site of 9 acres.