Flat House

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Project Year: 2013

Location: Baden bei Wien, Austria

Area: 390 sqm

Site: 8 acres

The Flat House is located in the midst of a densely populated suburban neighborhood near the bank of a narrow brook. The design is clean and very limited in architectural elements. The building envelope was defined by the full width, the maximum area and height fitting into the building regulations. More or less mirrored in plan, the unit contains two floors, and main rooms with small adjustments in relation to the differences in orientation, light and views. For construction is used reinforced concrete. Facades are rendered in plaster colored white. Indrawn window frames made of aluminum add a 3‚Äźdimensional quality to the facade, thus enhancing the depth and massive character of the interior. Somme glass panes are fixed, and others, when opened, are making the connection between interior space and backyard in the ground level, or a spacious terrace on upper floor. On the ground floor are located living room, dining room and kitchen in one unit, and on the other side of the house are entrances, main bathroom, and technical compartment. There is a hallway witch is like a link made for those two units. Metal jalousies with aluminum blades allow residents excellent shelter from the sun by day, but also an excellent degree of privacy when the light comes on. On a second floor are located bedrooms with wardrobe, and a bathroom for each room. There is also a direct exit on a wide terrace from two bedrooms. The house has an area of 390 square meters on a site of 8 acres.