BOXX House

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Project Year: 2013

Location: Vinik, Niš, Serbia

Area: 380 sqm

Site: 10 acres

This project was very promising. This house is mainly intended for the holidays, but also for permanent residence. Located outside the city in a completely natural environment. Its location was in an area where the view was beautiful, it stood on a hill and the slanted terrain gave many possibilities to explore ways of doing a unique residential building and at the same time accomplish the household and social functions. Being in a high place made the main rooms of the house to face the pleasant view. Facade is surrounded by plants and nature, which make it stand out and make it a pleasant space, a place where you can spend most of the time. Because of that design tries to be the most simple possible in its shape – a rectangle, and aims to put the design stress in the construction and materials. Several materials are used: concrete, wood, aluminum, in order to give intent and expression to the design. Nevertheless, the big glass portals on both floors indicate to the impression of architectural thinking and direction of the design of this house ‐ the view. The upper level of the house is a continuous space than contains the family area, living room, dining room and kitchen, on the one side, and bedroom with bathroom and a house entrance with a garage on the other side, because the access road is on that elevation. The other bedrooms are located in the lower floor, which is in our case a ground level, together with art studio for our client. From this entities, it is possible to exit directly to outdoor yard. Utility rooms are located in the sunken part of this level. The house has an area of 380 square meters on a site of 10 acres.