House Seven

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Project Year: 2013

Location: Krasnodar Krai, Sochi, Russia

Area: 525 sqm

Site: 8.5 acres

The house is located in the middle of a suburban landscape with many different style houses. This location is in a populated area, it stood on flat terrain witch gave us many possibilities to explore ways of doing a unique residential building and at the same time accomplish the household and social functions. The lot is adjacent in its northern and eastern sides with other residential lots, while it faces greenery to the south and the street to the west. The project cover the needs of a modern family, which allows an open and dynamic interior living, connecting all spaces functionally and visually. In the first level, the public program widens and integrates with and terrace, creating a space for interior/exterior use. On the first floor are located living room, dining room, kitchen, workroom, garage, utility room, bathroom and vertical communication. The second floor is intended primarily for rest and relaxation. Here are located bedrooms with wardrobe, a small gym, studio library and main bathroom. All rooms have a terrace which has enabled additional comfort. Design is the simple as possible in its shape – a cuboid, and aims to put the design stress in the construction and materials. Several materials are used: concrete, wood, aluminum, in order to give intent and expression to the design. The building is finished in a minimalist palette of pure white render. Wooden pergolas allow residents excellent shelter from the sun by day, but also an excellent degree of privacy when the light comes on. Generally materials for this house are selected for their expected long term durability, ease of installation and initial cost. The house has an area of 525 square meters on a site of 8.5 acres.