Axle House

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Project Year: 2013

Location: Elassona, Greece

Area: 420 sqm

Site: 10.5 acres

There is a sense of ‘big‐ness’ and ‘wow factor’ right from the start. The strong horizontal corridors created by the house floor plans provides visual axial thrust to the point of entry, into a transparent double volume entrance area and through to the kitchen and living spaces beyond. Internally, at ground floor level, open plan design with a minimum of dividing walls, no internal doors and level thresholds between inside and outside facilitate a user experience of a single large multi‐use space that unconstructed, uncluttered and weather permitting, is able to open up and connect and extend to the outdoors. High level perimeter strip windows visually lighten the experience of the first floor building mass overhead and enhance the experience of the vertical dimension of the living, dining and entertainment areas at ground floor level. At first floor level, once again the design focus was to promote a sense of openness with privacy and create a diverse, joyful place in a limited space, the exact atmosphere needed for evening gatherings. All followed by a part with the bedrooms and bathrooms with private terraces. We chose for finishing, just natural materials, especially raw concrete on the walls, wood on the ceiling and flooring and natural stone on some details. We consider that natural materials age well, with dignity, interacts with the nature and as they get old, they evidence the acceptance of the architecture by the Nature. Exception is corrugated metal siding on the exterior walls of upper level. All that with a combination of wide aluminum ‐ glass portals, gives a house look of the time in which it was build up, enhancing the relationship to the outdoors, and provides a sense of living outside. Generally materials for this house are selected for their expected long term durability, ease of installation and initial cost. The house has an area of 420 square meters on a site of 10.5 acres.