Office interior

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Project Year: 2013


Area: 120 sqm


The idea was that out of an abandoned apartment make space for the work of the design studio. Due to the age of the building the apartment layout was a simple in design form. This was convenient when we redesign, because the rooms which we later converted into offices were set up as a separate units that were connected by the main hallway. Therefore we have reduced the preparation works to the minimum. Make a reception area (secretary and waiting room for clients), working part (intended for designers), meeting hall, CEO office, utility compartments and toilets. Investor's desire was to experiment with elements of classicism, which was eventually accepted. All walls are processed with plaster moldings work and home ornaments white color, creating a unity between all the rooms in the apartment. Dose of contemporary and modern is brought by the furniture and accessories that are carefully chosen. The dominant materials are wood, aluminum, leather and fabric. Because of the great height of the ceiling, we were forced to add additional light in the form of hanging lamps that are characteristic of these areas. Ventilation and cooling / heating have been solved within the suspended ceiling, whose height make it possible, so that their elements are not visible on the walls but in the form of the aluminum bars in the suspended ceiling. Radiators that can be seen in the pictures were left purely because of the aestheticism.